Choosing the Right Birthday Party Inflatable

It’s that special time of year when families come together to celebrate a birthday. Organizing a birthday party for children can be challenging. A lot of work goes into the perfect celebration, but what if it could be easier? What if you could actually enjoy the party yourself, while professionals took care of the entertainment?

Birthday party inflatables are fun and easy to set up. What better way is there to enjoy a birthday party on a hot summer day, than an inflatable waterslide! Rent a giant carnival jumper and the kids will be ecstatic. Delight the children with a bounce house, and watch the excitement take over party-goers. Let yourself have a good time with the youngsters, and make everlasting memories with a special birthday party inflatable.

But now you have to ask yourself, what kind of birthday party inflatable will best suit the celebration? Jump Around will have many options, but which one will work best for your party? The most common choices for birthday party inflatables include jumpers, combo units and water slides. Every style has a different purpose, but with the same goal, to fill every birthday party with glee!

Here are the 3 main choices for a birthday party inflatable:

  1. Jumpers

    birthday party inflatable jumperThe term “jumpers” refers to giant inflatable houses. They are also referred to as bounces houses, moonwalks, bounce castles and carnival jumpers. Jumpers come in many different shapes and themes. The size should be determined by how many kids will be playing and the age range. These birthday party inflatables are available in smaller sizes that work great for younger kids and toddlers. A smaller inflatable will also work well with limited space. They can also be very big with imaginative themes and whimsical designs.

  2. Water Slides

    birthday party inflatable waterslideThe inflatables available for birthday parties are not limited to bounce houses. Another great option is inflatable slides. Some slides run horizontal and requires water. Other inflatable slides run at a vertical angle and can be used as a dry slide or with water. Like jumpers, they come in many sizes and themes. Inflatable slides offer a safe way to provide the kiddos with thrills they won’t soon forget. Waterslides are especially perfect for those birthday parties on hot sunny days.

  3. Combo Units

    birthday party inflatable combo unitCombo units refer to inflatables that combine slides and bounces houses. These combo units will often have other elements of fun such as obstacles and even climbing sections. This birthday party inflatable will require a little more space as they are generally larger. These adventure-packed inflatables add many layers of entertaining to the celebration.

The set up and operation of birthday party inflatables will be taken care of by the rental company, which makes them a great choice. Friends and family will have a blast and the kiddos will be thrilled to explore the wonders of a bounce house. The process is simple and choosing the right style is easy. Once you have determined the location, amount of invites and theme preferences, then you will be ready to choose the perfect inflatable.

— Abe Kardoudi

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  1. I can't seem to find your inventory. Can you help? I was able to click on the jumper inventory through a duscussion link but I can't find the combos.
    April 7, 2014
  2. Hi Wendy, Out combos are located HERE: Have a great Easter!
    April 17, 2014

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